Web design & marketing

Did you know that, in October 2010, 57% of all households in Spain had high speed internet access?

Levels are still below those in northern Europe (for example, 73% of UK households have broadband access in 2010), so growth is likely to continue. As more households and businesses become internet-savvy, the internet is becoming the first and possibly only port of call for many businesses. These include: -

But, consider businesses where the web is less common, such as cafés and restaurants. Think how having a web site could address all those questions which potential customers may ask, all at the click of a button, such as: -

These questions apply to almost all types of business and can help you get an edge on your competitors.

But then you have to consider how you promote your business, using your web site as a marketing tool.

What we will do is use efficient and ethical web design techniques to push your web site up the search results as much as possible, using links to other sites, key words and meta tags. However, we are also able to advise on other promotional methods, both modern and traditional, to help get your web site into the public eye.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for a free initial consultation on developing or improving your web site and how to promote it. We're based in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote and part-time in Dénia on the northern Costa Blanca and cover most of the surrounding areas including Jávea and Moraira.